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ASTRON is responsible for the operations of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) and the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR).

The astronomical research at ASTRON is closely aligned with the strengths of our facilities LOFAR and WSRT-APERTIF.

Read moreDiversity & SustainabilityASTRON is committed to achieving a fair, welcoming, and sustainable work environment for all.

Met onze radiotelescopen nemen wij de meest zwakke signalen uit het heelal waar. Daardoor zijn zij kwetsbaar voor elektromagnetische storing. Met het tijdig treffen van de juiste maatregelen kan storing worden voorkomen.

Draadloze techniek lijkt vanzelfsprekend, maar de ontwikkeling ervan gaat niet vanzelf. Daarom hebben we bij ASTRON een proeftuin ingericht; het Wireless Data Lab.

happen.ASTRON is the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, and is part of the Institutes organisation of NWO.Read moreTELESCOPESASTRONOMYDIVERSITY & SUSTAINABILITYBESCHERMINGSZONESWIRELESS DATA LABSTORIESPublished by the editorial team, 14 November 2022Astronomers discuss future of Space VLBI in Dwingeloo

On 17-19 October 2022, JIVE and ASTRON co-hosted the 3rd Next Generation VLBI workshop (ngSVLBI-3) in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands. The hybrid workshop was attended both in-person and remotely by about ninety participants from all over the world.

An international research team has discovered four radio sources of up to ten million light years in size: megahalos.

In People of ASTRON we share stories about the people at ASTRON. Who are the people behind the discoveries and innovations and also, who are the people that make sure that everything runs smoothly? Software engineer Fanna Lautenbach studied both astronomy and computer science and found her perfect working place here at ASTRON.

Over 70 students from all over the world participated in the 9th European Radio Interferometry School (ERIS 2022) hosted by JIVE and ASTRON in Dwingeloo (the Netherlands) on 19-23 September 2022.

TOPIC-led consortium develops CSP-Low for SKA

Published by the editorial team, 1 July 2022

Published by the editorial team, 27 June 2022

ASTRON lanceert proeftuin voor ondernemers

Published by the editorial team, 4 April 2022

ASTRON-led consortium working on SKAO

Published by the editorial team, 30 March 2022

NenuFAR officially becomes a LOFAR super station

Published by the editorial team, 10 March 2022

ALMA Advanced GPU Correlator Study Kick-off

In October we have held our first face-to-face workshop to discuss the goals and plans for our collaborative study of the use of GPU Tensor-Core Correlators for the ALMA telescope. The requirements are impressive (72 dishes delivering 32 GHz instantaneous bandwidth each) and pushes technology to the limit. The challenge is not in computing those correlations on GPUs anymore, but in getting the digitized data into the GPU systems, at a staggering ~100 Tb/s in total.

The main question to be answered is: can GPU technology be used for the extreme ALMA requirements within a fixed power budget of 300 kW and within reasonable costs? The research necessary for this aligns very well with many of the HPC goals on the Smart Backend Research roadmap.

The collaboration is brand new and therefore meeting face-to-face turned out to be an excellent way to get used to each other. The collaboration consists of East-Asia (KASI in South-Korea, NAOJ in Japan) and Europe (University of Bordeaux, ESO in Germany, ASTRON in the Netherlands).


Daily image of the week: LDV gets busy

The LTA hosts about 60 PB of data, making it the largest astronomical data collection to date and an invaluable resource for science. The LDV aims to make these data available to the community.

Daily image of the week: ASTRON-director @astroTui get her hands dirty, assisting as a maintenance engineer.

There is still time to vote for LOFAR as your favourite REGIOSTARS-project on

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the EU REGIOSTARS Awards, the organization has selected fifteen projects among finalists and winners of the past editions, and LOFAR is among them

You can now vote for LOFAR as your favourite project at

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